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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lightwave, and what products do you offer?

A: Lightwave is a technology solutions provider offering a diverse range of
products, including TVs, ACs, cash counting machines, power products(UPS),
toners, digital stabilizers, projector screens, electric blowers, CCTV cables,
and networking cables.

Q: How can I learn more about each product category?

A: Explore our website for detailed information on each product category,
including specifications, features, and user guides.

Q: What types of TVs does Lightwave offer?

A: We offer a variety of TVs, including LED, Smart, and 4K Ultra HD TVs,
providing an immersive viewing experience with advanced features.

Q: How do I set up and install a Lightwave TV?

A: Installation is straightforward. Please refer to the user manual provided with
your TV for step-by-step instructions

Q: What types of ACs are available from Lightwave?

A: Our AC lineup includes split ACs with various cooling capacities to suit
different room sizes.

Q: Do you provide installation services for Lightwave ACs?

A: While we don’t offer installation services, our ACs come with installation
manuals to guide you through the process. You can also consult with a local
authorised partner.

Q: What features does Lightwave’s cash counting machine offer?

A: Our cash counting machines provide accurate counting, counterfeit detection,
and user-friendly operation. Check the product specifications for detailed

Q: What currency can the Lightwave cash counting machine detect?

A: Our models 701 and 901 can detect the below currencies:

  • AED
  • USD
  • EUR
  • XOF
  • XAF
  • CAF
  • IQD
  • IRR
  • LBP
  • KES
  • CDF
  • MZN
  • TZS
  • UGX
  • KWD
  • OMR
  • YER
  • LYD
  • RWF
  • SOS
  • GHS
Q: How do I choose the right UPS for my needs?

A: Consider the power requirements of your devices. Our UPS units come in
various capacities to accommodate different setups.

Q: Is professional installation required for Lightwave UPS?

A: While installation is user-friendly, professional installation is recommended for
optimal performance.

Q: Are Lightwave toners compatible with my printer model?

A: Our toners are designed to be compatible with a wide range of printer models.
Refer to our website or contact support for compatibility information.

Q: Where can I purchase Lightwave toner cartridges?

A: You can conveniently order toner cartridges through our authorized
distributors or reach out to us directly for immediate support.

Q: What devices are suitable for use with Lightwave digital stabilizers?

A: Our digital stabilizers are designed to protect various electronic devices,
including TVs, computers, and home entertainment systems.

Q: Do your stabilizers offer surge protection?

A: Yes, our digital stabilizers come equipped with surge protection to safeguard
your connected devices.

Q: What types of projector screens does Lightwave offer?

A: We offer a range of projector screens, including motorized, fixed frame, and
portable options, catering to different projection needs.

Q: How do I clean and maintain a Lightwave projector screen?

A: Generally, use a soft, dry cloth for routine cleaning.

Q: What applications are suitable for Lightwave electric blowers?
A: Our electric blowers are versatile and can be used for tasks such as cleaning dust from electronics, drying surfaces, and more.
Q: What types of cables does Lightwave offer for CCTV and networking

A: We provide high-quality CCTV cables and networking cables suitable for
various installations.

Q: Can I purchase cables in custom lengths?

A: Currently, our cables are available in standard lengths of 305m. For custom
requirements, please contact our sales team.

Q: Where can I purchase Lightwave products?

A: Our products are available for purchase on our website and through
authorized distributors. Visit our ‘Where to Buy’ section for more information.

Q: How can I contact customer support for assistance?

A: For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to our customer support
team through our website or locally from where you have purchased.

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