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About Us

Engineered for endless possibilities

Lightwave is your gateway to innovation, merging precision engineering with limitless possibilities. Our commitment to simplicity and reliability is at the core of everything we create, from cutting-edge electronics to powerful technology solutions. With us, you’ll find trusted companions on your journey to a brighter future. We bridge the gap between innovation and technology by making extraordinary accessible to all.

1 Million+ More than a million satisfied customer worldwide since 1999
9 Countries Global presence in 9 countries with more than 750+ partners
No. 1 UPS brand Across West Africa in 2017, 2021
& 2022
750+ More than

750+ Retail Partners

1 Million+

More than a million satisfied customer worldwide since 1999

9 Countries

More than a million satisfied customer worldwide since 1999

No. 1 UPS brand

We recently upgraded to Lightwave 4K Smart TVs for our hotel.


Retail Partners

Founder’s Mission

At Lightwave, our mission is to engineer a brighter tomorrow by providing reliable and innovative electronics, power solutions, and technology. We are committed to simplifying complexity and empowering individuals and industries across the globe. With unwavering dedication to performance and durability, we aim to be the trusted partner on the path to limitless possibilities.

Founder’s Vision

Our vision is to be on the list of foremost providers of engineering and electronic solutions, known for our unwavering reliability and pioneering spirit. We aspire to illuminate every corner of the globe, bridging the gap between imagination and technology. With a focus on precision engineering and limitless innovation, we envision a future where Lightwave products are synonymous with trust and brilliance, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Global Presence

Headquartered in the heart of Dubai, UAE, Lightwave takes immense pride in its global reach. We operate across West African nations, including Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Gabon, as well as in Central Africa with a presence in DR Congo and the Central African Republic (CAR). In East Africa, we shine in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Our expanding footprint knows no bounds, and we’re honored to illuminate these regions with Lightwave’s extraordinary.

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