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Lightwave empowers your journey with precision engineering and technology, making imagination tangible and accessible.
1 Million+ More than a million satisfied customer worldwide since 1999
9 Countries Global presence in 9 countries with more than 750+ partners
No. 1 UPS brand Across West Africa in 2017, 2021 &


Smart TVs vs. Traditional TVs

Unlocking the future of entertainment: Exploring the dynamic shift from traditional television to Smart TVs – Where innovation meets viewing experience!
20 Aug 2023

Lightwave R&D

Dive into the forefront of Lightwave R&D: where science sparks innovation, shaping the future of technology through light-based advancements.
20 Aug 2023

Traditional TVs

Step into the past of television: a nostalgic journey through the charm and limitations of traditional TVs.
20 Aug 2023

Client Testimonials

"We recently upgraded to Lightwave 4K Smart TVs for our hotel in Nairobi. The picture quality is great, and the smart features are very smooth. Our guests are consistently happy and there have been no complaints in the last 2 years. The colors are vivid, and the clarity is comparable to the biggest brands. Lightwave has truly set a new standard."

Grace Njoroge Hotel Managero

location-iconNairobi, Kenya

“My company uses Lightwave Online UPS systems to safeguard our data and operations. The LW UPS units have been superb compared to other UPS brands we have used in the past. During power outages, they quickly switch to battery mode giving us plenty of time to backup critical data. The reliability of these UPS units across the last 2 years has given us priceless peace of mind."

Jonuelu Saka Business Owner

location-icon African Region

“Switching to Lightwave’s compatible toner cartridges was one of the best decisions we made for our managed printing business. The print quality is indistinguishable from the original cartridges. The toners last a long time, and we’ve had no issues with smudging or streaking. Lightwave’s compatible toners are not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly. Highly recommended.”

Marie Mbong Sales Manager

location-iconDouala, Cameroon

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